Free Initial Consultation

Starting therapy can feel like a big step. You'll probably have questions or concerns about what to expect.


I offer a free 20-minute consultation via telephone or video (Zoom). This means we can meet informally and talk about your reasons for wanting to do therapy, what you want to get from it and whether CBT or EMDR would be the best approach.


This short initial chat will also give you a chance to 'test the water' and see if I'm the right therapist for you.



20 minutes = FREE

Initial Meeting / Assessment

To ensure we are able to work well together towards your recovery it's very important we share an understanding of how your problems affect you currently, the relevant history behind them and your goals for therapy. Starting out on the right foot in this way is essential for therapy to be effective.

1 hour Assessment = £60

Treatment Sessions



Sessions are usually 1 hour in duration, but can be longer by prior arrangement. 


A longer session can be very useful if, for example, we're planning to do some practical techniques outside the therapy room that require more time to be done effectively.

1 hour = £60



Best practice guidelines recommend a 90 minute session for EMDR to allow sufficient time for preparation, prolonged processing and debriefing of traumatic experiences. 

In practice we can still do effective EMDR sessions in a 60 minute appointment, but it will mean less time devoted to the active processing of trauma and may therefore require more sessions to work through.


1 hour = £60

1.5 hours (90 minutes) = £80

Mental Health MOT
These are one-off appointments and are ideal if you're unable to commit to regular weekly therapy sessions. 


Full MOT

Not been feeling your usual self recently?


More anxiety, worry or low mood than usual? Unsure how to overcome it and want some advice & guidance from a qualified CBT therapist?


This 60-minute Zoom appointment is a great way for you to check in with your mental health. Gain some practical techniques to help get back on track and prevent those small issues growing into bigger ones. 

1 hour = £60


Retest MOT

Had therapy in the past? Feel like you’re not quite keeping on track with those helpful changes you made?


Stopping doing what’s helpful once we feel some improvement is a common trap we can all fall into.


This 60-minute Zoom appointment can help you re-focus on your goals and recap those useful CBT techniques to help steer away from potential relapse.

1 hour = £60

Appointment Cancellation Policy

If you give 48 hours notice (or more) of cancellation then no fee will be incurred.


Late cancellations (less than 48 hours notice) and non-attended sessions will be charged at the standard rate and must be paid for before another session is booked in.


There are some exceptional circumstances where no fee will be charged for late cancellations/unattended sessions, and we can discuss these in our initial meeting.

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